You’ve made it to graduation, which is a huge accomplishment. Now it’s time to capture this important milestone. If you’re looking for some fun and original portraits that are as unique as you are, check out Miale Photography. My photos will reflect your style, highlight your interests, and let your personality shine through! I’ve been doing photography and I know how to make each shot an expression of you. So if you’re a grad that’s looking for unique, quality graduation photography or senior portraits, contact me today.

At Miale Photography, I offer many different styles of graduation portrait photography:

  • Studio-style graduation portraits: in the studio style graduation portraits we will take a traditional studio style graduation picture with your cap, gown and tassels. This includes shooting on your campus.
  • On-location photography: The on-location portraits will be tailored to your preferred location and can set up outside or in a more traditional setting.
  • Group Portraits: group portraits can be in the studio or at another location depending on your preference.

Please note: makeup, hair and whole outfit you will need to prepare yourself. | Phone. 639-590-3587

    Regina Graduation Photography 2022 - Miale Photography - Regina Photographer